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Tummy Tuck Los Angeles– Mercator Abdominoplasty

Maher Anous, MD

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Mercator Abdominoplasty is a new way of planning and executing the tummy-tuck surgery. Rather than being an "Artistic Expression" (like many plastic surgeons would like to say about their work), the Mercator Abdominoplasty design uses rigorous lines of reference and measurement techniques to construct a surgical plan that conforms to the abdomen under scrutiny. This shortens the surgical time while improving results.

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But why should the public  trust what I say? After all, new claims are "a dime a dozen" and all proclaim superiority over older techniques. This makes sorting out the true from the false quite problematic. This website will not add to this confusion. Over the next pages, I will clearly expose my thinking rationale,  methodology of design, surgical execution of the plan, results and safety features of the Mercator Abdominoplasty. I will not talk to my visitors in complex surgical terms and medical terminology so as to muddy the waters. Rather, my description will be simple and devoid of pomp.

Dr. Maher Anous invites you to view Mercator Abdominoplasty videos. To access the videos, please click on the links below:

Tummy Tuck Video - Planning your procedure

Tummy Tuck Surgery Video - The operation

Abdominoplasty Surgery Video - Surgery Results

I will never claim the Mercator Abdominoplasty to be the only game in town. It is not; and I am not the only plastic surgeon around. Surgeons and potential patients have to mesh together in order for the outcome to be a happy one. My suggestion to you is to maintain a healthy skeptical attitude while browsing through this site. Do not take what I tell you for granted. Challenge what I say and ask the proper questions. Do not come to see me unless you are convinced by what you see and read.

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, here is a good way for you to start : Do things in reverse!! First, LOOK at results before you read the biography of the surgeon; Second;  COMPARE the surgeon's results to other surgeons' results and decide which ones you like best; Third, READ your chosen surgeon's biography and working philosophy and see if you like them; Fourth, CHECK your chosen surgeon's credentials and safety record; and Finally, ASK plenty of questions.

This site is dedicated to ONE surgery and ONE technique, the Mercator Abdominoplasty, which I invented and perfected. If you like my style but arelooking for other procedures, a link will guide you to my regular website 


Maher Anous MD


Dr. Maher Anous is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has developed a unique type of abdominoplasty procedure and is considered one of the best Tummy Tuck surgeons. Use this website to learn all about this procedure.


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