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My dissatisfaction with the esthetic outcome of the traditional ("Smiley face") abdominoplasty led me to test alternative planning designs (2002 - 2004). By the end of this period, the Mercator lattice and its six different surgical tracings had clearly crystallized. Two additional years (2005 - 2006) allowed me to firm up my grasp of the concept, to clarify its logic and to accumulate an impressive number of patients (212) who had been operated using its guidelines. By the end of this initial five-year phase, it was clear that the Mercator tracing had a profound influence on the conduct of the operation and its results.

In December of 2006, I set to write four papers, each exploring one aspect of the technique. These were submitted to the foremost technical plastic surgery journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS) by the end of January 2007. Its editorial board asked me to group all four papers into one which I submitted by the end of February. It was promptly rejected. The editorial board was however graceful enough to allow me a brief publication (letter to the editor) which appeared in the September issue of the journal. 

Somewhat discouraged but still desirous to know if the concept had merits, I obtained permission from ten prominent colleagues to send them all five of my papers for their review and analysis. Six of them answered me back.  I am deeply indebted to Drs. Robert Goldwyn (Brookline, MA);  Geoffrey Hallock (Allentown, PA); Marc Fater (Hyannis, MA); John Roff (Houston, TX); Michael Breiner (Roanoke, VA) for their incisive remarks and profound dissection of the concept. I am further grateful to Dr. Foad Nahai (Atlanta, GA) for having taken the time to read the papers and for his comment. Their decision was unanimous: Not only was the summary (5th) paper worthy of publication, the Mercator Abdominoplasty was a step in the right direction. Dr. Goldwyn, the previous editor of PRS went as far as calling it the first real revolution in the tummy-tuck surgery in the past forty years and suggested that I take it to international forums.

With the help of Digital Motion, LLC and its owner Kyle Parks, a movie (complete with animation) was produced. The planning and surgical sequences were filmed on location at La Provence (my clinic) on August 31, 2007. I received by FedEx the first version (two more were developed subsequently) of this incredible movie in Bordeaux, France, barely 24 hours before I was to go on the podium to present it at the 20th meeting of the SOFCEP (French Society of Plastic Surgery). It received a very warm welcome from my French, European and North African colleagues. In November of 2007, I presented it again at the 44th meeting of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery in Curitiba, Brazil. There, the audience requested a second showing of my movie at the end of the session designed for abdominoplasty and a third (unofficial) showing in the hall outside the meeting rooms. The Turkish Society of Esthetic Surgery is slating it for presentation at its 12th annual meeting in Istanbul, Turkey in June of 2008.

There are two courts governing our technical endeavors: The court of Science and the court of Public Opinion. This website, as scientifically possible as I want it to be, appeals to the second one of these two courts. It is my firm belief that ideas when subjected to the scrutiny of the public at large will either float or sink based on their own merits. If the Mercator Abdominoplasty finds appeal with the masses, it will flourish and if better than its predecessor, will ultimately become the dominant way this surgery is planned and executed. The fact that I already perform eighty (80) of these surgeries annually is, I hope, a portend of things to come. As for the court of science, the initial reception that the Mercator abdominoplasty received overseas tells me it will soon be ripe for a welcome reception here at home in the United States. 

Dr. Anous is a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon who has used his skill and experience to develop a different technique for tummy tuck. His Mercator procedure was developed at his tummy tuck Seattle offices. Use this website to learn about his procedure and view the videos.

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