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Dr. Maher Anous is a skilled  tummy tuck specialist who has invented an exciting new option for the traditional abdominoplasty procedure. Dr. Anous bases his Mercator abdominoplasty treatment on an extensive series of measurements and lines of reference. These reference lines allow him to be much more efficient and accurate during the tummy tuck procedure, leading to a shortened surgery time, more rewarding outcomes and a reduced recovery period.

Dr. Anous has compiled a series of videos to better explain his Mercator treatment so that his patients can better understand his commitment to providing his advanced style of treatment.

The first tummy tuck video details the extensive preoperative care Dr. Anous takes with every patient. Each patient receives a customized treatment plan, which Dr. Anous traces onto the body to assist him in performing the Mercator abdominoplasty procedure.

The second tummy tuck surgery video shows Dr. Anous modifying the Mercator’s reference points and actually performing the abdominoplasty treatment. Since the video shows an actual procedure, visitors should be warned of its graphic content.

The final abdominoplasty surgery video includes a series of before and after images to help patients better understand the Mercator abdominoplasty treatment’s effectiveness. The video shows patient three months post-procedure so that it better represents actual results.

Dr. Anous is proud to have invented and offer his Seattle tummy tuck patients the Mercator abdominoplasty technique. His focus on proportion and symmetry helps his patients achieve more rewarding results. If you are interested in other aesthetic procedures offered by Dr. Maher Anous, please visit his Seattle plastic surgeon page.

For the best tummy tuck surgeon, visit our offices. Dr. Anous has developed a unique type of abdominoplasty called Mercator. Use this website to learn more about the procedure and the background of Dr. Anous.

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