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The video below shows tummy tuck specialist, Dr. Maher Anous, perform a Mercator abdominoplasty. Since this is a video of a surgical procedure, viewers should be warned that the content may be graphic at times.

Patients interested in undergoing a Mercator abdominoplasty under the skilled hands of Dr. Anous will find this video interesting as it shows the importance of the Mercator grid during the procedure. Dr. Anous accurately follows this pre-measured grid to precisely remove the appropriate amount of excess skin to help a patient achieve a more contoured and proportionate body shape.

One of the major benefits of undergoing a Mercator abdominoplasty is the reduced surgical time. The placement of the Mercator grid on the patient’s body before surgery creates an effective guide for Dr. Anous. Typically most of these specialized abdominoplasty procedures last no longer than 90 minutes.

To learn more about how Dr. Anous creates the Mercator grid, please visit his  tummy tuck video page, and to view some patient results, please watch his abdominoplasty surgery video.

In addition to the Mercator abdominoplasty procedure, Dr. Anous performs a variety of other procedures to help patients achieve the facial or body contouring they desire. To learn more about the other treatments Dr. Anous performs, please visit his plastic surgeon website.

Use this website to learn about the new type of abdominoplasty developed by the best tummy tuck  surgeon, Dr. Maher Anous.

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