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Dr. Anous is proud to offer his tummy tuck patients the Mercator abdominoplasty procedure. Over the course of his career, Dr. Anous has refined his tummy tuck approach to create a new variation of the procedure. This variation reduces the amount of time a patient is in surgery, leads to more successful results and shorter recovery times.

One of the main components of the Mercator abdominoplasty procedure is the intricately precise grid that Dr. Anous draws on each patient before he or she enters the operating room. This grid is based on the body being a flat surface where traditional abdominoplasty typically refers to the body being cylinder in shape. Dr. Anous’ approach to the body being flat allows for him to minimize the guess work associated with traditional abdominoplasty while maintaining effective symmetry and proportion.

This page’s video shows how Dr. Anous creates the Mercator grid on a patient’s body to help guide him during the procedure. As you can see, his emphasis on precise measurement allows him to tailor the procedure specifically to the patient’s general body shape to help allow for a more rewarding result.

To learn more about this procedure, please visit the Mercator tummy tuck surgery video to observe Dr. Anous while he performs this exciting new procedure. Dr. Anous has also created an additional abdominoplasty surgery video to show visitors the different styles of the Mercator abdominoplasty and a few patient results. To learn more about Dr. Maher Anous and the other types of cosmetic procedures he performs, visit his general  plastic surgery page.

Dr. Anous offers a unique type of tummy tuck surgery. His skill and background have allowed him to develop this type of tummy tuck called Mercator. Peruse the various pages of this website to learn about the procedure and view patient videos.

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